Stamford National Little League Baseball must meet the challenge of developing our youth through exemplary leadership.


International Rules

  • Pitch count / days rest
    Days of rest are:
    • 66 or more = 4 days
    • 51-65 = 3 days
    • 36-50 = 2 days
    • 21-35 = 1 day
    • 20 or fewer = 0 days
    • Pitchers may finish their last batters at any pitch count without effect on days of rest.
    • A player can be catcher if, and only if, he/she pitched 40 or less pitches that day or reached the 40-pitch threshold on the last batter he/she faced.

    • A player may not pitch in more than 1 game on a calendar day and may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.
  • Catcher/Pitching rule - the catcher cannot go in to pitch after catching more than 3 innings in a day.  For a player that was catcher in 3 or less innings and then pitched, he/she can return to catcher if he/she pitched 20 or less pitches, or reached the 20-pitch threshold on the last batter he/she pitched to.

  • Substitutions - A player in the starting lineup who has been removed for a substitute may re-enter the game only in the SAME position in the batting order, provided the substitute has completed the Little League mandatory play requirements (one at-bat and 6 consecutive outs in the field), subject to other Little League rules.  This rule does not apply when a continuous batting order is used.  Please note that Stamford National has a local rule that all players may not sit out more than 3 defensive innings in total (please see details below).

  • Run Rule - The game ends after 3 innings if one team is in the lead by 15 runs or more (2 1/2 innings if the home team is in the lead).  This is in addition to the 10-run after 4 innings rule.

  • Mound Visits - Upon the 2nd visit by a manager or coach to the same pitcher in one inning, or the third visit by a manager or coach to the same pitcher in a game, the pitcher must be removed as the pitcher.  The visit where the pitcher is removed will not count as a visit for the suibstitute pitcher.

  • New rules - See here for new rules on Little League Inc. website

  • Bat rules - click here for rules on Little League Inc. website.


Local Rules (added to international rules)

Note that for anything not covered as a local rule, the Little League Rule Book applies.
  • Majors Draft - Annual re-draft of all Majors division players. All players who have previously been on a Majors team, must be put into an open re-draft pool. All these players plus other eligible players are drafted onto Majors teams. No player is guaranteed a spot on a specific team from year to year, but once drafted all players are guaranteed a spot on one of the Majors teams until they age out of Little League.
  • Major Division Rules
    • All players must play -
      No player may sit out defensively more than 3 innings in a game (unless the game goes extra innings). Note that it is worded this way, as opposed to a 3 inning play time minimum, in case there is no bottom of the 6th for instance.  Note that a player is not required to play 9 consecutive defensive outs to satisfy this local rule, but is subject to the 6 consecutive defensive outs requirement.
    • Optional EH Rule -
      • Managers may bat 10 or 11 batters instead of the minimum of 9. Batters 10 and 11 are deemed extra hitters (EH).
      • Once the decision is made, you remain at that number of batters for the full game.
      • The only exception is if a player or players must leave the game (injury, religious reasons, etc.) and you are left with fewer than 10 players as a result, your lineup is reduced to match the number of players you have left, without penalty (i.e., no automatic outs). If you start with an EH and you have 10 or more players left, you continue to bat 10.
      • An EH may bat anywhere in the lineup.
      • An EH is considered to be "in the game" and therefore can move around freely with position players (e.g., EH could swap spots with the SS mid-inning and it is not considered a substitution). However, being in the lineup as the EH does not count toward the 6 out fielding minimum.
      • Note: The intent of this rule is to give substitutes additional at bats and managers are highly encouraged, but not required, to use this rule in the regular season.
  • ​​Call-Up Policy (Majors, AAA, AA) - Managers must attempt to field 9 players for each game.  Please see the league call-up policy here.
  • 8-Player Minimum (Majors, AAA, AA) - Teams are allowed to start and continue a game if there are 8 or more eligible players, as long as the league Call-Up Policy procedures have been followed.  If there are 8 players in the batting order, the empty position will be skipped and an out will not be recorded. 
  • ​​Courtesy Runner (Majors, AAA, AA) -  With 2 outs, a manager may elect to put in a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher of record.  The courtesy runner must be a player not in the batting order.  If a full continuous batting order is used, the courtesy runner is the player who made the last out.  The same player may not be a courtesy runner for both the pitcher and catcher during a game.
  • Intentional Walks (Majors, AAA) - Intentional walks are permitted. The manager can declare the intentional walk prior to the beginning of the at-bat or during the at-bat.  If the manager elects to intentionally walk a batter, the remaining number of pitches to get to 4 balls will be added to the pitch count. For example, if elected before the at-bat, 4 pitches are added to the pitch count; if elected duruing at-bat with 1 ball on the batter, 3 pitches are added to the pitch count.



  • Helmets with face guards
    • Majors - Players LL age 10 and under, AND first year majors must wear helmets with a face guard (defined as a full guard/shield/cage or a jaw guard) when batting.  Other players are encouraged to wear face guards.
    • AAA - all players are required to wear a face guard (defined as a full guard/shield/cage or a jaw guard) when batting.
    • AA, A - All players are required to wear helmets with a full face guard/shield/cage.  No jaw guards are allowed.​
    • Tball - Not required
  • Heart guards
    • Majors and AAA - Required for all pitchers
    • AA, A, Tball - Not required
  • Face guards for pitching - Not required, but are available at Scalzi and West Beach



SNLL Playoff Rules
Two-Way Tie-Breaker
  1. Head-to-head record between the tied teams
  2. Fewest cumulative defensive runs allowed for the season
  3. Fewest defensive runs allowed head-to-head
  4. Coin flip
  5. Should said coin land on its side, both teams drop to last place
3-Way (or more) Tie-Breaker
  1. Head-to-head record among the tied teams
  2. Fewest cumulative runs allowed for the entire season
  3. Fewest cumulative runs allowed among the tied teams during head-to-head games
  4. Coin flip


Home Team During Playoffs

Majors & AAA games:

- Lower/better seed is home team

- Only exception - for Championship game, team coming out of the winners bracket is home team

For "if" game (if there is one), home team is determined by coin flip, called by the team coming out of the losers bracket, performed immediately after game played on Championship Day


AA games: lower/better seed is the home team



- Home team mans the concession stand, sets up/takes down field

- Visiting team operates the scoreboard/pitch counter



SNLL Game Policies

SNLL Game Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Authority - Unless the City Parks Department closes the fields, the president will ultimately make the decision to cancel games based on weather updates and/or playing field conditions. He will also rely on others who are able to check on field conditions and assess whether to cancel or not.  Please keep in mind that if the City Parks Department closes the fields we will NOT be playing those days even if the weather is bright and sunny after they close them.  For the A division and Tball division, if neither the SNLL President or the City of Stamford have declared games cancelled but the mangaers collectively feel that the fields are unplayable/unsafe or for any other valid reason, they may cancel the games for that division.  If this occurs, please email the Scheduling Officer and the Information Officer so the proper website updates and game rescheduling can occur.

Notification - If there are cancellations, email/text notices will be sent through the website to all players and a note may be put on the home page.  If you do not receive a notice through the website and there is no note on the home page, then the game is still on.  We will make the notifications, if applicable, all as soon as the information can be collected and the decision made.

Field Preparation - Anytime a field is in need of repair it is the responsibility of the teams playing on that field to ready it (not the Board). This means coaches and parents of both teams are needed. If the coaches cannot get there early to fix the field, the game will be canceled and made up in the next available slot. When there is standing water in the field please do not broom it off. Use the sponge roller or the wet vac to remove the puddles. At all times please refrain from using Speedy Dry whenever possible as we prefer to let the sun dry it out. If coaches cannot get to a particular field after having been given an update that the field needs work, they should notify the president so we can move forward with a cancellation.

In any event, when games are not cancelled, teams need to make every effort to play the games as scheduled which means we will:

  • play in the rain unless the field is not playable or there is lightning (only board / presidents can call a game prior...umpires once the game has started)
  • the home team is expected to arrive early enough to make the field ready to play; removing excess water, raking, putting down chalk lines, etc - especially when playing the first game after a rainy period.
  • ask coaches to call up players or parents to cover shortages or absences

If batting practice is taken prior to a game, when the field is in need of repair please find a parent or two to throw batting practice (BP) until the coaches of both teams have finished getting the field ready. Our first priority should be the preparation of the playing field, not taking BP.

Practices - please note that the league does not make the decisions regarding the cancellation of practices.  Each manager/coaching staff makes those decisions, hopefully factoring in field conditions.  Please note that, in some situations, the City could close the fields whereby all practices on those fields would be cancelled.  In the case that the City closed the fields, notifications will be sent and a note may be put on the home page.

SNLL Game & Practice Rain Out / Make up / Reschedule Policy

Approach - When a game has to be rescheduled, SNLL will reschedule it as soon as administratively possible.  Rescheduled games factor sufficient notice to ensure umpires and teams can prepare, however SNLL will reschedule with the next available slot in the schedule holding to division regular guidelines as much as possible to minimize impacts and changes, but in the end, will err on quicker reschedule time to ensure sufficent availablity if more games become unplayable. Rescheduling games will avoid 4-games-in-5-days (or more frequent) for the Majors division, and 3-games-in-4-days (or more frequent) for the AAA division, unless needed to complete game schedule.  No guidance has been established for other divisions.

Practice Bumping - Please note, SNLL maximizes full field capacity with games and scheduled practices, however, based on division guidelines and timing, SNLL may cancel practices or move existing games to allow all rescheduled games to proceed in a timely fashion.

Practice Rescheduling - Rained out games will be rescheduled first.  If a team's practice is either a) rained out or b) bumped due to a rescheduled game, the manager can look for an open practice slot and make the request of the Scheduling Officer.  Several factors, including field availability will determine if such request is granted.  Team practices in addition to the single weekly practice will not be scheduled by the Scheduling Officer.  Additional practices may not occur on fields prior to games. 
Timing - If the board decides to reschedule a game, the information will be posted to SNLL site in a timely manner (automatic update for schedule changes are available – see earlier post).  Multiple rain outs (e.g. a full weekend cancelled) require more time to find available slots pushing games out into the season.  SNLL will hold to the policy to the extent possible and your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


SNLL Batting Cage Policy

Batting cages at Scalzi Main Field and Frank Noto Field (West Beach 1, or WB1) are only to be used under the direct supervision of an official SNLL adult volunteer. Under no circumstances is anyone under 18 years of age permitted in any batting cage or inside the gate to any batting cage without adult (age 18 and over) supervision.

Use of the 4 Batting Cages at Scalzi Park and 2 Batting Cages at WB1:

Priority Order

While SNLL COVID Pandemic Guidelines are in force:

  1. Before and during a game: While the SNLL COVID pandemic guidelines are in force, the batting cages may not be used during the hour before the scheduled start time of a game or during a game at that field.  
  2. During scheduled practice: For each team with a practice that is scheduled on the SNLL league website, such team has rights to one cage during the scheduled practice time.  If other cages are available and not in use, those cages can be used by the teams with the scheduled practice, subject to league COVID guidelines.
  3. All other uses of the batting cages are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Two teams may not use a set of cages at the same time at a field while the SNLL COVID pandemic guidelines are in force.  Please be courteous, reasonable and cooperative in your use of these facilities.

When SNLL COVID Pandemic Guidelines are not in force:

  1. Before a game:  Each team playing in an upcoming game that day/night has the rights to the cages for a 60 minute period.  This period starts 90 minutes before game time and ends 30 minutes prior to game time.  At Scalzi, each team has the right to 2 cages; at Frank Noto, each team has the right to 1 cage.  If other cages are available and not in use, those cages can be used by the teams playing in the upcoming game.
  2. During scheduled practice: For each team with a practice that is scheduled on the SNLL league website, such team has rights to one cage during the scheduled practice time.  If other cages are available and not in use, those cages can be used by the teams with the scheduled practice.
  3. All other uses of the batting cages are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please be courteous, reasonable and cooperative in your use of these facilities.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact the Scheduling Officers at