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All-Star Player Selection Process




General Info

  • Players interested in playing on one of the League’s All-Star teams will have to opt-in to be on the ballot. The league will send out an information sheet describing the commitment and each eligible player will have the choice to be on the ballot or not.
  • All-Star Voting will take place in late May and will be administered by the League Player Agents, in conjunction with the League President(s).  If the Player Agent or President is selected to be the manager of the All-Star team, a substitute Board Member will be assigned.
  • The Team Selections shall be announced on or after the allowed date by Little League Inc.
  • The All-star roster shall include a minimum of 12 players.


Procedures for 11 and 12 year old Player Selection

  • All Majors players (all ages) vote for up to 12 all-stars for each team (12’s and 11’s). That is, each voting player will vote for up to 12 players for the 12-year-old team and will also vote for up to 12 players for the 11-year-old team.,
  • Player must provide their name on the ballot.
  • Players are only permitted to vote for 3 kids per age group (6 total) from their own team.
  • Players are NOT permitted to vote for themself.
  • The total player vote will count for 50% of the total vote.
  • Each Majors manager and up to 2 assistant coaches (chosen by the manager) votes for up to 12 players for each team (12’s and 11’s). 
  • Each manager/coach must have submitted a volunteer form and been approved as a SNALL volunteer to be eligible to vote. Manager/Coach must provide a name on their ballot.
  • The total manager/coach vote will count for 50% of the total vote.
  • Top 8 vote-getters will automatically be placed on their respective teams.
  • The All-star manager will select the remaining players to complete the team. These selections may be made from any remaining eligible players who were not automatically placed on the team.  The roster shall include a minimum of 12 players.
  • A committee will be appointed by the President(s) to review and approve all selections, to ensure fairness.


Procedures for 9/10 year old Player Selection

  • An evaluation will be conducted during late May/early June which will include the following players:‚Äč
    • A maximum of three 9/10’s per team from the AAA division. Each manager from AAA will nominate a maximum of 3 players to be considered for the evaluation.  The postseason committee shall review and approve these nominations prior to the players being invited to the evaluation.  The postseason committee shall be allowed up to three wild card invitations for players deemed candidates but not selected by team managers.
    • All 9/10’s currently playing in the majors division
    • ‚ÄčNote - For the 2022 Season, all 9 and 10 year olds playing in the AAA and Majors division for the 2022 spring season will be eligble to register to be evaluated.
  • A postseason committee of five members (including the manager) shall observe the evaluation and vote on the top 12 players for the team.


Electing Not to Play and/or Injuries

  • If a player “voted” onto the team (the top 8 vote-getters) elects not to play - the next highest vote getter from the official vote will be offered the spot on the team until the minimum number of “voted” positions are filled.

  • If an all-star manager’s selection elects not to play, the manager can select another player.  The manager is not required to select another player unless to get to the required 12 players.

  • If a player leaves the team, for any reason, or is injured after the team is announced - the coach is not required to replace the player.

  • Any replacement player to the All-Star team, while the team is still in competition, must be done via the approved LL procedure.

  • Managers “must” go to the Player Agent  or All-Star Committee before making any decisions on a replacement or before making any commitments to a replacement. Failing to follow the proper process could lead to disqualification from the LL tournament.